My paper went well! Now I just get to enjoy the rest of the conference.

Getting ready to drive to Albuquerque for a conference!

Turns out that my roommate’s cat is an excellent practice audience for my conference paper.

The only thing making Cicero bearable this morning is the napping cat curled up in my lap.

My Latin commentary just glossed a word as “clodhopper”, so I heard it in Peridot’s voice and now I can’t stop laughing

Today is one of those super windy days where it’s constantly frustrating that my hair isn’t…quite…long enough…to tie it all back from blowing in my face.

Reasons why I should clean out my backpack more often, Exhibit A:

[photo of a small pine cone]

For some reason, I find it very gratifying when I’m working on emails later at night, send a few to profs, and get responses within 20-30 minutes.

Currently engaging in that time-honored tradition of putting off working on a paper by instead working through all of the emails that I have to send.

This is important: National Sword - 99% Invisible