Today is one of those days where I’m just going to be moving slowly. But the important thing is that I’m moving.

It’s still impressive how good a brisk afternoon walk is for my mental wellbeing.

As it turns out, working on something for at least a little while every day means that you improve (incrementally, but improvement is improvement) on a daily basis.

One of my roommates got a tiny dictionary. (Hand for reference)


This theoretical paper I’m reading just referenced Slim Shady.

Grading myth papers while my friend gets a tattoo.

This is a good Friday afternoon.

The next 8 days continue to do their best to be the perfect academic storm.

Tonight’s quality background working movie: The Mummy Returns (2001)

Over the past 16 hours I’ve subscribed to 5 new email newsletters.

Apropos of my professor (falsely) claiming that “cartography” derives from René Descartes:

cartography (n.) “the making of charts or maps,” 1843, from French cartographie, from Medieval Latin carta (see card) + French -graphie, from Greek -graphein “to write, to draw”