I am seriously considering going to bed in an hour.

This is going to be a busy week.

The weather is sunny and warm and I have my curtains up and windows open and my room is nice and bright!

(It’s honestly kind of jarring to be able to wear shorts comfortably in February)

I can swim again on Tuesday! Looking forward to getting back into the water.

The person sitting next to me at this coffee shop just sat down, opened their bag, pulled out an entire watermelon, sliced off the top, and started eating it with a fork.

I aspire to this.

Dark and foggy

Recommended reading: The Bicycle Thief

I’m trying to figure out how I feel about this branding…

(I’d totally still try it though)

[image of “Death Wish” brand coffee]

In an indication of how much Latin has colonized my brain (as has Greek), I just read “microfluidic” as “microludic” and was extremely confused that tiny festivals were somehow relevant to modern nanotechnology.

I really love that the one thing all current archaeological theory people seem to agree on is that Heidegger is extremely difficult to understand.