I think if I lay down right now I could just sleep until tomorrow morning.

I do a great job of guilting myself for it, but sometimes what a writing project really needs to for me to leave it alone for 2-7 days so my various notions have to time just…percolate.

On days like today, “making progress” on a paper looks like managing to write three additional sentences and two notes on finding more sources.

Feeling the burnout this morning.

At least spending the morning on data management is giving me some good music-listening time.

Couple deadlines coming up today, and then I can focus more fully on finishing up PhD applications.

Coffee is supposed to wake you up, right?

And that is enough work for the day.

I’ll pick up these writing projects tomorrow.

Midterm today.

Time for Young Frankenstein! 🍿

Lazily drifting snowflakes

The cat is sleeping on my lap, so I guess I just have to keep sitting here.

Might as well get some work done, I guess.

That’s enough work for the day.

This is going to be a fascinating week of weather.

Foggy morning ☁️

That moment when you’re very glad that you double-checked the call for papers, because the abstract has a 200-word limit, not 500.

I have been (metaphorically) purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, and once again feel mostly human.

Hoping for rain sometime soon.

A surprise snow day in the next couple months would also be nice (albeit rather unlikely).

Tonight’s movie is 2015’s Dragon Blade.

It’s stupendously ridiculous.

Sometimes lunch just needs to be some oatmeal with blueberries and a splash of maple syrup.

I know a meeting is productive when I spend the entire walk home recording a voice memo to myself to make sure that I remember everything we discussed.

You can really tell how little I want to do work today by the fact that I’ve spent the last 15 minutes making needlessly minuscule tweaks to my CV.

Dog-sitting this weekend has, on the whole, been pleasantly relaxing.

a dog sleeping on a bed with his head resting on the windowsill

Slept in a bit today, feeling nominally better.

Well, guess it’s time to scrap those plans for the time being and start working on others.