Planning on making tomorrow a day to catch up on some reading (I have, um, ALOT of PDFS open at the moment…)

My new headcanon is that the Atreides’ pug from Dune (1984) goes on to become Frank in Men in Black (1997).

Somehow I am still surprised by the power of a good nap.


Today was one of those days where thesis progress looked like revising three sentences, tracking down two sources to skim next week, and renaming a couple image files that I’m going to include as figures.

Now for some bruschetta.

Out There: On Not Finishing

Beet hummus!

Tonight’s movie: Eraserhead. 🍿

Not entirely sure what we’re getting into…

This is one of those days where I’m mentally ever so slightly left of my body.

It is a cold and rainy night, so we’re watching The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

I have tissues ready.

This morning is cold and windy and damp, but I managed to dodge the rain on my run and am looking forward to tea this afternoon.

Finally getting some rain this week! ☔️

Well, it’s in dire need of revisions and is a decent bit shorter than I’d like the final product to be, but I can now happily report that I have completed what I’ve decided the call the first full (rough) draft of my first thesis chapter.

All right brain, it’s time to write.

Time to put some words on the page…

“The greatest deception that mythic violence has ever pulled over on us is the notion…that if the state or other archist forms were to remove themselves from our life, we would all be stabbing one another within minutes” - Why We Should All Read Walter Benjamin Today

Today’s fun purchase to ring in the gradual onset of autumn

Picture of Dogfish Head Punkin Brown Ale

Tonight’s film: They Live!

My first time ever watching it.

I’ve napped, tea is steeping, and laundry is in the dryer. Hoping to get in a bit more work before writing consultations start for the evening, but I also might just relax for a bit.

It rained overnight, so the air feels cleaner and there are some pleasantly puffy clouds still lingering.

Well I guess it’s September…somehow

Time for Bill & Ted!

A viewing of Bill & Ted Face the Music would be most excellent.

Had a nice little stare down with a family of five raccoons during my run.

Tonight’s movie: ringing in the Aamir Khan watchalong with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. 🍿

I’ve showered, coffee is brewing, I’m eating an apple, and I’m going to play a bit more of Pyre before plugging into some research for the afternoon.