Distant fireworks make for an interesting performance of 4’33”

Watching 1776 for the first time.

Pondering doing a double feature at some point soon with Train to Busan and Blood Quantum.

Tonight’s movie: The Great Race (1965)

Gradually starting to feel like I’m finding my footing in all of my thesis scholarship.

That being said, I currently have 8 full books open, so I’m just taking it a chapter at a time.

Looks like I’m back to feeling like I’m drowning in literature.

Tonight’s film: Roman Holiday

Diving back into some of the supporting literature for my thesis. Feels good to be reading again.

Today has been a surprisingly productive day, although none of that has been thesis-oriented (yet).

After about three hours of work, I’ve succeeded in updating my citation workflow so that it will function optimally for my thesis.

Now I guess there should be some writing…

An illuminating and sobering read: History Will Judge the Complicit

Another evening storm

Oncoming storm

Well, I didn’t quite get to around to planning out my research projects for the few couple months, but I have now (finally) excavated myself from underneath an avalanche of emails and gotten confirmation (hooray!) of funding for both this summer and next year.

Sunrise clouds

Fervently hoping that this background headache I’ve had for most of today can be chalked up to caffeine withdrawal (I finished my coffee supply yesterday morning)

The sound and smell of a rainstorm is always immediately calming.

I am done (!) with this semester, so I’m going to consume a beer and make one (1) box of Mac and cheese.

After Tuesday I’ll be done with the semester, and will then take the rest of the week (Wednesday through Sunday) completely off of work.

I think I might just read a book each day.

Fun fact totally unrelated to anything that just happened: bread pudding is still pretty tasty even if one forgets to put in the sugar

Finished one of my finals and with it one of my classes!

Celebrating with ice cream and a book.

Looking forward to a week from now when I’ll be done with finals and can actually take a few days entirely off of work before hitting the ground running on thesis writing.

Some good food for thought here: What We Think About When We’re Swimming

The banana bread turned out rather well! Very tasty.

Time for the season finale of Westworld!