I’ve hit that dangerous but wonderful point in my current book where all that I want to do is curl in a chair and read until I’m done.

Making some lentil soup!

Slept for about 10 hours last night and took myself out to breakfast. Sometimes it’s good to have a slower start to the day.

Almost time for Terminator: Dark Fate.

Another day, more emails to be sent asking for funding.

At my current rate, I’m going to have to set aside an entire week of winter break to catch up on all of the articles and stories that I want to read.

Looking forward to it!

Today is a day for curling up with tea and several books.

I have the tea, but I’m going to have to wait a while for the books.

Abstract submitted!

I’ve actually slept a good amount for the past three nights, and it’s paying off.

Hello Austin.

The most recent issue of the Red Hand Files offers some fascinating food for thought, and the last paragraph moved me to tears: https://www.theredhandfiles.com/why-do-you-write/

Some mornings, it can be immensely helpful to sleep an extra 45 minutes, throw on sweatpants, make a pot of coffee, and spend a few hours pouring over the Oedipus Rex.

This morning’s poem, courtesy of Poem-a-Day.

Texas fall weather is always a wild ride.

Well, hello there unexpected thunderstorm.

I am feeling a sudden (and inconveniently-timed) urge to re-watch The Princess Bride and re-read The Tombs of Atuan


This is going to be a rather exhausting week, and I’m a firm believer in studying enough but not too much, so I’m probably only going to work for another 3 hours or so and then just relax.

A rested brain is a more effective brain.

Sometimes I just have to take a step back and appreciate when systems+habits that I’ve deliberately built and cultivated work exactly as I’d hoped they would.

I’ve hit the point on most (all?) of my current research projects – mostly papers – where my thinking and ideas are well formulated enough that it’s time for me to move into possibly my favorite phase: taking copious quantities of notes on an absurd number of sources.

Guess it’s time to do a deep dive into tetrarchic dynastic politics and relations instead of reading Eclogue 9.

I am very awake right now.

screenshot of weather app showing intense rain moving into the area over the next few hours -- it's 3:20am

Definitely looking forward to getting home for the day so I can relax with a bit of poetry.

Listening to the Longform Podcast episode with Jenny Odell – definitely recommended. Her 2017 talk on doing nothing is still very timely: medium.com/@the_jenn…

I find myself wishing for a rainy, blustery weekend. Perhaps in a month or two.