Two more abstracts sent off!

Now I guess I should get back to revising the paper I’m giving on Saturday…

First day of SWPACA is off to a strong start!

Packing the car for the drive to Albuquerque!

I see that I have begun the expected occurrence of pre-travel vague anxiety right on schedule.

I’ve made progress on each of this week’s assignments and gone for a run. Now it’s time for a shower, dinner, and a search for the wherewithal to work on those pesky longer-term projects.

Currently freaking out (in a good way) because I think a friend who I haven’t seen in a super long time is presenting at a conference here next month!

Listening to the rain.


In other news, my sister and I have decided that she is an Amy with Jo tendencies, while I am a 50/50 mix of Jo and Beth.

Turns out that my MA language qualifying exam is in 5 weeks, which is a goodly bit less time than I’d been budgeting for…guess it’s time to reconfigure the daily schedule so I have more time to review.

This is one of those days where I’m doing my best impression of a pinball

Time to make myself another cup of coffee and settle in to skim an entire book in the next hour.

There are two cats who sound like they’re directly outside my window as they demonstrate the textbook definition of caterwauling.

Looking forward to tomorrow, when I don’t have to be on campus until the afternoon.

Planning on curling up with some tea and making progress in a couple projects.

Lentil tacos!

Featuring: lentils, turnip, onion, peppers, crema, and lime juice

I had missed exercising.

Three day weekend!

Pulling a crappy movie double feature with one of the roommates featuring Sorceress (1982) and The VelociPastor (2019).

Having chipped away a bit more at these two abstracts, it is time for a shower and some sleep.

Submitted my first funding application of the semester, so I’m celebrating by finishing the Mandalorian.

I’m in a constant battle with myself not to submit interesting abstracts to a bunch of cool conferences/workshops because then I’d probably actually have to write some of them.

First day of classes for the semester and I’ve already spent about 30 minutes browsing the stacks for a research project. Life is good.

Time for my first run in over a month! It will hurt! But I’ll feel better for going!

I have decided to watch The VVitch.

It’s daytime, I have at least 10 hours until I go to sleep, and for once I’m in the mood to be unsettled.

Surprisingly, it snowed overnight!

It’s also worth noting that I was comfortably able to go for a walk in shorts yesterday afternoon.