Alex Claman

Dawn of the final day (of writing this seminar paper)

Playing the Dune (2021) soundtrack is greatly improving the dull process of adding correct citations to this paper draft.

Looking forward to the start of the AIMS conference tomorrow!

Nothing quite like some post-dinner grading after a day of writing a paper.

“in terms” and “in terns” mean slightly different things

It’s the end of the semester, so I’m stressing about completing seminar papers on time, planning out daily naps, and dreaming of being able to sit quietly for more than 15 minutes at a …

I’ve hit the point in the paper writing process where I have three different books open on my desk so I can reference them more easily.

Andor is excellent. That is all (for now).

Woke up from the middle of a stress dream about last week’s French exam.

I’m at the point in the semester where I rotate between 2-3 fun books at once to help manage my seminar paper anxiety.

Just blearily emerged from my second nap of the day

Already counting down the hours until my lunchtime nap

Strange night of sleep last night, several dreams within dreams

I have a sudden urge to re-read the Earthsea Cycle.

At the stage of working on one paper where I’ve finally cracked how to organize the final section, and am feeling good about the project overall! Now to try to hold onto that feeling when I sit …

Nothing quite like a 9pm dinner

Just now reaching late March/early April in my podcast backlog

Nothing quite like waking up from an impromptu hour-long nap (it was supposed to be 20 minutes and I slept through my alarm)

House sitting always feels like getting brief glimpses into parallel versions or possible futures of my own life.

Sometimes lunch is a bowl of cereal and a brewing of some tea consumed while working on a paper draft.

Tea 🫖 🍵

I have napped and now it is time for soup.

I guess it’s time to go buy a new tire.

always an excellent day when I have to spend a whole lot of time in PowerPoint and somehow Command + S isn’t working to save the files

Today is evidently a day for running late and moving slowly. Making it through some readings nevertheless.