Finally broke down and bought the Series A 3-Pack:…

Up early to finish a (very) rough partial draft of a paper so I can actually take the next few days off and relax.

A nice view from the office

patchy cloudy mid-afternoon sky

As part of celebrating my first full day back in the States, I’m about to walk to my local library to get fun reading material for my last couple weeks of summer.

Somehow my two months of fieldwork are already over. It’s been wonderful. Will post some more pictures/links soon!

See you on the other side (of the Atlantic).


Another day, another few intriguing email newletters to which to subscribe.

Taking the day to rest and prepare for another week of fieldwork.

Catching up on some reading: Mother Ocean and the Global Middle Ages

Crying to myself over this story as I take a blessedly quiet Sunday night alone.

I read these two lines from this poem and started crying:

Five fingers on fire close into a metaphor

about how we’ll never, never ever, never ever.

Read the poem in its entirety here: