Kitchen cat

Nyx, a small black cat, sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor

This next hour seems like as good a time as any to figure out how to read academic French on the fly.

I guess I should do some actual work tomorrow.

Successfully passed my comprehensive exams!

I slept…jaggedly last night. At least two stress dreams, which I mostly remember as a constantly unsettling presence somewhere near me.

A morning run (thankful I still have those for the time being) seems to have exorcised/exercised the worst lingering effects.


Today was a good day to sit down with my second cup of coffee, borrow a couple ebooks from the library, and then order 4 more books from an indie bookstore in Kansas.

Up next: Livy.

Thunderstorm 😊🍵

I am continually reminding myself that this week is, in fact, spring break, and that means that I can and in fact should be taking breaks. And naps. Those are good too.

Early misty morning run.

I haven’t dealt with emails since Thursday morning.

I currently have 101 unread messages. They can keep until tomorrow morning’s coffee.

As expected, the Westworld S3 premiere left me with more questions than answers, but my main one is this: why are the two primary movers in conflict? Their goals and motives aren’t diametrically opposed, but the show keeps positioning things like they are.

Waking up slowly with coffee, listening to the rain and thunder.

If Action is Required by Cavin Bryce Gonzalez

…was not expecting the lights to flicker right then.


At the very least, this means that I may actually make progress with my TBR pile, my watch list, and all of those short stories I’ve been filing away.

It’s still sinking in that I’m going to be able to read to my heart’s content this weekend.

Trying to find the small joys and focus on what positives there are.

If only it were already Saturday.

Well, if (as seems likely) I’m going to be leaving the house significantly less for the foreseeable future, I guess I may finally get around to working on improving my cooking and nascent baking abilities.

My plans for spring break are, in order: sleep, study for comps, read, research, write, and VPN into the UK so I can watch the entire Ghibli catalogue on Netflix.

Today’s anthem

Altered Carbon continues to be a visually pretty, surface-level trope-y succession of missed narrative opportunities.

It’s a cold, gray, rainy morning, so I’m just going to curl up with another cup of tea and some Netflix.

Work can wait until noon.

Summer plans are currently undergoing daily revisions.

I think what I’d really like to do next Saturday is just…read a book. An entire book. Wake up at a leisurely pace, start it over breakfast, and then take my time enjoying it over the rest of the day.

I’ve earned that by this point in the semester (plus it’ll be spring break).

Currently doing my best to deal with test anxiety by studying while also taking some time for myself, in the hopes that I can go into my qualifying exam next Friday both prepared and rested.