That moment when you’re very glad that you double-checked the call for papers, because the abstract has a 200-word limit, not 500.

I have been (metaphorically) purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, and once again feel mostly human.

Hoping for rain sometime soon.

A surprise snow day in the next couple months would also be nice (albeit rather unlikely).

Tonight’s movie is 2015’s Dragon Blade.

It’s stupendously ridiculous.

Sometimes lunch just needs to be some oatmeal with blueberries and a splash of maple syrup.

I know a meeting is productive when I spend the entire walk home recording a voice memo to myself to make sure that I remember everything we discussed.

You can really tell how little I want to do work today by the fact that I’ve spent the last 15 minutes making needlessly minuscule tweaks to my CV.

Dog-sitting this weekend has, on the whole, been pleasantly relaxing.

a dog sleeping on a bed with his head resting on the windowsill

Slept in a bit today, feeling nominally better.

Well, guess it’s time to scrap those plans for the time being and start working on others.

Today, in an absolutely classic move, I have returned two books to the library but will return home with four new ones.

Planning on making tomorrow a day to catch up on some reading (I have, um, ALOT of PDFS open at the moment…)

My new headcanon is that the Atreides’ pug from Dune (1984) goes on to become Frank in Men in Black (1997).

Somehow I am still surprised by the power of a good nap.


Today was one of those days where thesis progress looked like revising three sentences, tracking down two sources to skim next week, and renaming a couple image files that I’m going to include as figures.

Now for some bruschetta.

Out There: On Not Finishing

Beet hummus!

Tonight’s movie: Eraserhead. 🍿

Not entirely sure what we’re getting into…

This is one of those days where I’m mentally ever so slightly left of my body.

It is a cold and rainy night, so we’re watching The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

I have tissues ready.

This morning is cold and windy and damp, but I managed to dodge the rain on my run and am looking forward to tea this afternoon.

Finally getting some rain this week! ☔️

Well, it’s in dire need of revisions and is a decent bit shorter than I’d like the final product to be, but I can now happily report that I have completed what I’ve decided the call the first full (rough) draft of my first thesis chapter.

All right brain, it’s time to write.

Time to put some words on the page…