Alex Claman

Last night’s term that randomly surfaced in my brain while I was chopping vegetables: procompsognathus.…

This is apparently the kind of day where I almost forget to put in my contacts (I opened the door and was confused why everything was blurry) and drink my coffee (I happened to look up and see the …


Hunkering down for another storm this weekend (that may or may not bring snow but also may just be lots of rain).

Winter storm time.

Hitting that specific exhaustion point where I’m entering the third hour of a seminar and it’s also 7pm.


Textbooks ordered, calendar organized with classes, and the first ILL request of 2022: it must be the final days of winter break.

It’s possible that someone’s moping

4115 and a negative split for this year’s hour swim.

Rainy morning. Perfect for curling up with a book (or three).

Time to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home again!

David Bowie is my chosen soundtrack for this last gasp of paper writing.

I know I’m loopy from paper writing because I just unironically used “lodestar” to call attention to the fact that the paper I’m about to submit is actually three much shorter …

It’s paper-writing season, which of course means that the only thing I want to do is read.

It’s a Mountain Goats kind of morning.

Booster time!

When I left campus today, I was not planning to spend over an hour and a half on the phone with an insurance company, but at the very least now I have auto insurance in time for Monday’s DMV …

Definitely going to be thinking more about Dune today. If you’ve seen it, what did you think?

It’s Dune time.

Always fun to start out a day by wrangling the copy machine.

Time to start the annual seasonal rewatch of Over the Garden Wall.

Autumn has fallen at the farmer’s market.

Finn, yesterday.

Spent the weekend in Brooklyn.