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2019-08-21: Finally broke down and bought the Series A 3-Pack:…

2019-08-07: Up early to finish a (very) rough partial draft of a paper so I can actually take the next few days …

2019-08-05: A nice view from the office

2019-08-03: As part of celebrating my first full day back in the States, I’m about to walk to my local …

2019-08-02: Somehow my two months of fieldwork are already over. It’s been wonderful. Will post some more …

2019-07-30: Αθήνα

2019-07-30: Another day, another few intriguing email newletters to which to subscribe.

2019-07-14: Taking the day to rest and prepare for another week of fieldwork. Catching up on some reading: …

2019-07-07: Crying to myself over this story as I take a blessedly quiet Sunday night alone. …

2019-07-06: I read these two lines from this poem and started crying: Five fingers on fire close into a …

2019-07-03: Today was stupidly pretty.

2019-07-03: Posting with my phone inside a plastic bag. Island survey!

2019-06-30: The view from Koukounaries

2019-06-29: I am becoming an even stronger believer in the restorative power of an interrupted two-hour nap.

2019-06-28: National Park Typeface, “A typeface designed to mimic the national park service signs that are …

2019-06-27: Something to read this morning: Lanny Boykin Rises Up Singing - Reckoning

2019-06-27: Today was one of those delightful (but rare) mornings where I was able to sleep in, roll out of bed, …

2019-06-26: I now have coffee, and soon there will be food.

2019-06-24: Last day of fieldwork (featuring sunflowers!) #SAP2019

2019-06-23: Penultimate day of fieldwork! #SAP2019

2019-06-22: Good morning. #SAP2019

2019-06-20: Oh hay there #SAP2019

2019-06-19: Assorted fields from this morning. #SAP2019

2019-06-17: Morning survey #SAP2019

2019-06-16: Field walking #SAP2019

2019-06-11: Burgers and beer with the team

2019-06-11: Second breakfast

2019-06-09: It’s a good day for some Sardinian survey.

2019-06-07: We’re actually going to be able to start surveying today!

2019-06-05: Sinis Peninsula

2019-06-04: The combination of a 45-minute nap and a double espresso is proving particularly potent.

2019-06-02: Dinner tonight had a gorgeous presentation (and it was also delicious!).

2019-05-30: SFO ✈️ LAX ✈️ FCO ✈️ CAG

2019-05-29: It’s almost fieldwork time!

2019-05-27: I’m one of those weirdos who actually enjoys going over a bibliography with a fine tooth comb …

2019-05-23: Answering emails and revising a writing sample while nestled in a large bay window overlooking rainy …

2019-05-22: Life is good.

2019-05-22: I’m looking forward to being in Italy for a myriad of reasons, but especially because …

2019-05-19: Summer plans are rapidly coming together into a more definite form!

2019-05-19: This is a proper lighting-and-thunder rainstorm.

2019-05-16: After 11 hours on the road, all that I really want to do is shower and pass out, but I know …

2019-05-16: See you, Space Cowboy…

2019-05-16: Day 1 of the TX to CA road trip. Estimated driving time: 10 hours, 45 minutes.

2019-05-15: All right, I believe I’m done packing up everything here that I’ll need in the next …

2019-05-13: I have seen Endgame. It was a lot of movie. Happy to discuss if anyone’s interested (spoilers …

2019-05-12: It is time for cookies and ice cream.

2019-05-10: Interesting food for thought here: …

2019-05-09: Pre-test espresso.

2019-05-09: So I haven’t started reviewing the First Philippic for today’s Greek final, but I have …

2019-05-08: 3 classes done, 1 to go. I’m currently working through half of the material for …

2019-05-07: My phone really wants me to know about this thunderstorm that I can see and hear happening.

2019-05-06: I definitely need to go for a run this afternoon.

2019-05-05: Listening to some distant rolling thunder while revising a seminar paper. Things are all right.

2019-05-04: Recommended reading: Learning How to Be Gentle in the Face of Trauma

2019-05-02: I just went for a 50 minute walk in a semi-successful attempt to work off all of my nervous energy …

2019-04-28: I have reached that point in the semester where I take breaks from writing papers by working on …

2019-04-26: It has been a week, so I am taking myself out for pizza and a beer.

2019-04-22: There is some gorgeous rumbling, rolling thunder right now.

2019-04-22: I was not expecting rain today, but it’s a pleasant surprise.

2019-04-21: Watching and listening to the day begin. Light through the trees, birdsong everywhere.

2019-04-19: This has been one of those pleasantly slow days where I’ve gotten things done, but have been …

2019-04-18: Well, I know what I’m going to read next.

2019-04-16: I was on the verge of being completely caught up on my podcasts, but don’t worry: I found …

2019-04-14: I’ve been in a major motivation slump since Thursday evening, but today is supposed to be warm …

2019-04-12: Sometimes it’s extremely important to just listen to your body, and sleep.

2019-04-09: This state sometimes makes no sense.

2019-04-09: Very much in the process of settling back into regular rhythms after last week’s conference, …

2019-04-09: Morning sky

2019-04-05: We’ve reached the speech portion of the banquet, so I’m alternating between sips of …

2019-04-05: Honest Abe’s

2019-04-05: Day 2 begins.

2019-04-04: My paper this morning went well! Enjoyed the rest of the papers on my panel as well (there were some …

2019-04-03: CAMWS time!

2019-04-03: Hour 12 of 12: arrival.

2019-04-03: Hour 8 of 12: we have made temporary camp in Larned, Kansas.

2019-04-03: Hour 3 of 11: gently rolling hills in every direction; occasional cattle

2019-04-03: Hour 2 of 11: we drive east into the rising sun

2019-04-02: In the document where I’m keeping track of all of my projects and papers, there’s a note …

2019-04-01: Being able to open my windows and have birdsong accompany my work is one of my favorite parts of …

2019-04-01: Morning clouds

2019-03-30: Made an interesting find at the store this afternoon.

2019-03-30: I’m slightly proud of myself that as I’m (rather belatedly) going through a few …

2019-03-30: One more for the moment: First and Final Frames

2019-03-30: Going back through some old links on a blustery morning; found this short and sweet one: Wanderers

2019-03-28: Evidently today is the day that my usual pre-conference nerves kick in full-force, throwing me …

2019-03-28: I’ve added a few more stickers.

2019-03-27: It’s research time.

2019-03-26: I’m managing to stay on top of all of my various projects at the moment, but I’m really …

2019-03-25: Sleep time. Good night!

2019-03-25: Spring has sprung.

2019-03-23: Tonight’s drink of choice

2019-03-23: If I ever give or publish a paper dealing with time, there is a very high chance that it will be …

2019-03-22: Ok that lightning/thunder combo looked and sounded very close.

2019-03-22: Time to fall asleep to the sound of rain.

2019-03-20: Thinking of these three adorable ones I met last week.

2019-03-19: If I have to get sick, this would actually be an acceptable week for it.

2019-03-17: After a little over two hours, I am caught on all of the email from the past couple weeks.

2019-03-11: Leg 2 of the travel day complete. Just one more…

2019-03-11: Denver sunrise.

2019-03-02: Cake time

2019-02-28: I’m finding myself dreaming of a day this semester when I won’t read about Heidegger, …

2019-02-27: Currently feeling stressed enough that I’m seriously considering going for a run when I get …

2019-02-26: Today’s mantra has been “keep calm and just keep sending emails”

2019-02-25: Just realized that there are a couple important funding application deadlines coming up at the end …

2019-02-24: well, studying for tomorrow’s midterm is actually going pretty well – however it goes …

2019-02-23: The benefits of highway driving. [picture of mileage gauge showing ~331 trip miles]

2019-02-23: Oh goody. According to the weather forecast it is “dangerously windy” at the moment. …

2019-02-20: My paper went well! Now I just get to enjoy the rest of the conference.

2019-02-20: Getting ready to drive to Albuquerque for a conference!

2019-02-18: Turns out that my roommate’s cat is an excellent practice audience for my conference paper.

2019-02-17: The only thing making Cicero bearable this morning is the napping cat curled up in my lap.

2019-02-15: My Latin commentary just glossed a word as “clodhopper”, so I heard it in Peridot’s …

2019-02-14: Today is one of those super windy days where it’s constantly frustrating that my hair …

2019-02-14: Reasons why I should clean out my backpack more often, Exhibit A: [photo of a small pine cone]

2019-02-13: For some reason, I find it very gratifying when I’m working on emails later at night, send a …

2019-02-13: Currently engaging in that time-honored tradition of putting off working on a paper by instead …

2019-02-13: This is important: National Sword - 99% Invisible

2019-02-13: Today is one of those days where I’m just going to be moving slowly. But the important thing …

2019-02-10: It’s still impressive how good a brisk afternoon walk is for my mental wellbeing.

2019-02-10: As it turns out, working on something for at least a little while every day means that you improve …

2019-02-09: One of my roommates got a tiny dictionary. (Hand for reference)

2019-02-09: This theoretical paper I’m reading just referenced Slim Shady.

2019-02-08: Grading myth papers while my friend gets a tattoo. This is a good Friday afternoon.

2019-02-08: The next 8 days continue to do their best to be the perfect academic storm.

2019-02-07: Tonight’s quality background working movie: The Mummy Returns (2001)

2019-02-07: Over the past 16 hours I’ve subscribed to 5 new email newsletters.

2019-02-06: Apropos of my professor (falsely) claiming that “cartography” derives from René Descartes: …

2019-02-06: I am seriously considering going to bed in an hour.

2019-02-04: This is going to be a busy week.

2019-02-03: The weather is sunny and warm and I have my curtains up and windows open and my room is nice and …

2019-02-03: I can swim again on Tuesday! Looking forward to getting back into the water.

2019-02-02: The person sitting next to me at this coffee shop just sat down, opened their bag, pulled out an …

2019-02-02: Dark and foggy

2019-02-02: Recommended reading: The Bicycle Thief

2019-02-01: I’m trying to figure out how I feel about this branding… (I’d totally still try it though) [image of …

2019-02-01: In an indication of how much Latin has colonized my brain (as has Greek), I just read …

2019-02-01: I really love that the one thing all current archaeological theory people seem to agree on is that …

2019-01-31: Watching National Treasure with the roommates while working through some vocab and database entry. A …

2019-01-30: While TAing myth class this morning, I suddenly realized that there are some interesting resonances …

2019-01-29: Here’s hoping that I get a call from the bike shop today – dropped mine off for a …

2019-01-26: Occasionally I leave myself helpful notes in the middle of drafts [screenshot of text reading …

2019-01-26: woof Noun the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving Synonyms weft filling pick Less …

2019-01-25: Happy Friday! We’re almost there.

2019-01-22: Given how successfully I’ve front-loaded my semester, the next 2.5 weeks are going to be very …

2019-01-22: Time to slog through some Peircean semiotics

2019-01-22: Well, it’s definitely not coherent, but I’m calling this first very rough draft done. …

2019-01-21: Well, it took me about an hour and a half total, and I still need to wash all of the pots and pans …

2019-01-21: Time to make a cup of coffee, sit down for an hour and half, and finally (finally!) finish this …

2019-01-20: Just took an hour and went out into the neighborhood for a meander. Didn’t bring along …

2019-01-19: Just spent a thrilling hour cleaning up old dotfiles, so you know I’m always the life of every …

2019-01-18: Looks like tonight is one of those “loud wind, house settling, police siren in the …

2019-01-18: I guess this is going to the month of funding applications

2019-01-18: Another gorgeous morning.

2019-01-17: Looks like it’s time to read 200 pages of theory in 3 hours.

2019-01-17: Good morning.

2019-01-16: First day of spring semester! I’m doing my best to enjoy actually feeling well-rested and prepared, …

2019-01-14: My roommates seem to have decided that this is the best time to watch multiple videos about the …

2019-01-14: Tattoo time!

2019-01-13: Swam today for the first time in a couple weeks and WOW do I feel good.

2019-01-09: Something tells me that I’ll be waiting for a while for an update…

2019-01-08: On the last leg of the journey home.

2019-01-04: Up early for my flight to San Diego!

2019-01-01: He wears the Cone of Shame.

2019-01-01: Some of my favorite photos from this weekend.

2018-12-31: Rounding out 2018 by wrapping up a fellowship application, beta-reading a story for a friend, …

2018-12-29: In the mountains

2018-12-28: I think I’m finally starting to feel partially recovered from the semester. Guess that means …

2018-12-27: About to see Dear Evan Hansen!

2018-12-27: Morning light

2018-12-25: Family walk!

2018-12-24: I just want you all to know that I went out to dinner with my family, got pleasantly drunk, and …

2018-12-21: I saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse yesterday and I’m still grinning to myself about just how …

2018-12-17: I am ~70% sure that my phone is broken.

2018-12-14: The clock says it’s only 4pm, but my body think that it’s about 6pm and sleep should …

2018-12-14: Trying to plan out the next week and a half so I can read two (or four) books, draft a conference …

2018-12-13: Vegas airport at night

2018-12-13: Approaching the fifth hour of waiting in this airport. The end is (hopefully) in sight.

2018-12-13: Today is rather blustery.

2018-12-12: Done with the semester! …guess I can take a couple days off and then start prepping for the next …

2018-12-10: Done with 3 out of my 4 classes for the semester!

2018-12-09: …I think I just slept for somewhere around 10.5 hours. Well…guess it’s time to have a …

2018-12-08: I stand corrected; this is an actual storm.

2018-12-07: In other news, there is a minor chance of maybe a half inch of snow tomorrow morning, so the …

2018-12-06: I haven’t done any studying for my final on Monday, but I did listen to a lot of podcast …

2018-12-06: From the beginning of an academic book I found

2018-12-03: I’ve managed to get about 9 hours of sleep the last two nights, and it’s honestly …

2018-11-28: I can’t tell if I’m vaguely sad because I’m tired or if I’m just vaguely sad …

2018-11-27: Shoutout to this conference’s registration page for being gender-inclusive

2018-11-26: The cat has been asleep on my lap for the past hour and a half and I’ve gotten SO MUCH DONE

2018-11-26: Something I think about a lot is how some authors very clearly have a theme or themes that run …

2018-11-25: In other news, there’s a TON of things that I need to do today and this week, but since I pretty …

2018-11-25: There is a small child sitting directly behind me on this flight. Send help.

2018-11-24: Morose puppy

2018-11-23: Help I’m getting sucked down the rabbit hole that is Wikipedia articles on late antiquity

2018-11-21: It’s dog walking time!!

2018-11-21: Landed safely! Papers are graded and statements are drafted. Soon: sleep.

2018-11-20: Waiting for my flight home for Thanksgiving! Going to spend the time in the air grading papers and …

2018-11-20: I finished watching She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Sunday. I fully intend to start rewatching …

2018-11-18: Time to finish a book

2018-11-16: Today is pleasantly crisp.

2018-11-15: Only 4 more days of classes before Thanksgiving break!

2018-11-14: “The narrative form becomes a map in which the supposed facts sit as landmarks, with sentences and …

2018-11-14: Sometimes I just have to take a step back and reflect on how profoundly grateful I am for the …

2018-11-14: If it’s alright, I would like to not send any emails for the next hour, seeing as I have just …

2018-11-14: Real talk: I have been ready for Thanksgiving break for at least a week and a half.

2018-11-12: The cat has fallen asleep on my lap again, I’m feeling good about tomorrow’s test, and …

2018-11-12: Monday. That is all.

2018-11-06: Doing my best to avoid the news today (I did vote though!)

2018-11-05: This is the second night in a row that I’ve sat down to do some work, and had my …

2018-11-05: Intriguing:…

2018-11-04: Time to start Season 2 of Limetown!

2018-11-03: Oh no I just realized that tomorrow is Daylight Saving Time

2018-11-03: I have had SO MUCH coffee today

2018-11-02: Today is a good day.

2018-10-30: Colors

2018-10-29: I am currently attempting to figure out if I can fit a 700-page book into my four days of …

2018-10-29: Morning

2018-10-22: Made the brilliant decision to crack open one of my windows so now my room is getting a nice bit of …

2018-10-22: Tomorrow is the first hurdle to clear, then I get a bit of breathing room before Friday.

2018-10-21: If today goes according to plan, I’m going to be reading…for so many hours…either Greek, …

2018-10-21: Well I guess it’s time to be awake then.

2018-10-20: Current dilemma: I’m actually pretty excited for Daredevil S3, but if I start it it will …

2018-10-18: Tonight’s background movie: The Golden Compass.

2018-10-18: Counting down the minutes until I can head home and burrow under a blanket with some tea to nurse …

2018-10-14: This chapter is 33 pages long. I am on page 6, and footnotes are already up to 31.

2018-10-14: I’m always impressed just how much a good night of sleep improves my productivity and outlook.

2018-10-12: Well, looks like I’m going to be teaching myself enough French to muddle through some …

2018-10-12: In a classic move, I walked into the library to find and checkout one book. I walked out with five.

2018-10-09: Well, that’s a first: Microsoft Word just informed me that the document I’m working in has so …

2018-10-09: Up early, sipping coffee, listening to calm music, and looking at Cycladic islands via Google Earth.

2018-10-08: I’d completely forgotten that this was happening, but this is promising: …

2018-10-08: The key to this week is going to be taking it one small step at a time.

2018-10-07: Misty morning

2018-10-06: Currently on track for everything on my to-do list. Working to keep it that way.

2018-10-05: Sitting in a darkened room, listening to the thunderstorm roll through.

2018-10-05: New favorite t-shirt in my collection

2018-10-04: I picked a helluva time to try to leave campus.

2018-10-03: Current status:

2018-10-03: New favorite line from a book review: “Like Gaul, this book comprises three parts.”

2018-10-03: Last night I dreamed that I’d gotten a couple awesome new tattoos, but now that I’m …

2018-10-01: Today is one of those days where I’m perpetually busy. If I have unscheduled time, I’m …

2018-09-29: More often than not, the fact that I wrote something down to make sure that I’d find/remember …

2018-09-29: I think I finally get paid on Monday!

2018-09-28: I am finding this album soothingly meditative. Maybe you will too: …

2018-09-28: Current mood: seething rage

2018-09-27: One of my friends (who’s also an alum of my current grad program) is visiting campus to give a …

2018-09-26: It’s going to be cold and rainy today and I could not be happier

2018-09-25: I’m pretty excited for this salad I’m about to make for dinner.

2018-09-24: Submitted my first conference abstract as a grad student! Now time to keep working on the next one…

2018-09-24: There’s just enough ground fog left that the sun is catching it and making it glow. Rather …

2018-09-23: Good morning

2018-09-22: I honestly really enjoy meal planning and grocery shopping. I get a pleasant feeling of …

2018-09-21: Today already feels like it’s racing by.

2018-09-20: I’m stuck at the house while the tech fixes our internet, and I can’t really get …

2018-09-19: Sighted my first campus tour.

2018-09-19: Coffee drunk and dishes washed. Ready to be productive.

2018-09-18: Cutting my losses and calling it an early night. The extra sleep will (hopefully) help me tomorrow.

2018-09-18: Half of my house is sick, so I’m washing my hands frequently and being extra-careful in common …

2018-09-17: Today is one of those days where I have to hit the ground running. Hoping that my early meeting will …

2018-09-16: Sunset clouds

2018-09-16: This was a frustratingly unproductive morning, but I’m going to take a short walk, sit down …

2018-09-15: Nothing like strong coffee and Latin to start out the day

2018-09-14: Week 3 of grad school almost complete!

2018-09-13: I’m not sure what it says about me that one of my favorite things about being a grad student …

2018-09-13: Counting Descent

2018-09-12: The shelf so far (featuring a bit of tea)

2018-09-11: Back at my old academic tricks and ILLing enough to make my own mini-library

2018-09-10: Pondering and planning a few abstracts on various fun topics.

2018-09-10: There are some things that I actually need to do today, but on the other hand I’m strongly …

2018-09-09: Time to figure out my meal planning for the coming week.

2018-09-08: Blustery day

2018-09-07: I am battling an impressive case of Friday brain.

2018-09-06: Man in the Iron Mask is a good film

2018-09-06: Had a good discussion about authorial intent vs. guiding authorial consciousness in the context of …

2018-09-05: Oatmeal, blueberries, coffee, and a bit of Solnit. Starting out the day well.

2018-09-04: Roasting some veggies for dinner tonight–carrots, bit of garlic, and half a cauliflower

2018-09-03: Finally read Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang, which inspired me to watch Arrival again. Such a …

2018-09-03: My plan for today is to read two books.

2018-09-02: So far I’m finding the Second Philippic much easier reading than the Pro Caelio, but I will …

2018-09-02: Some gorgeous clouds this morning

2018-09-01: This is my first official Saturday of grad school, which means that I spent about 6 hours today …

2018-09-01: Other than the fact that it is rather squeaky when I lean on it, I’ve found a good desk at …

2018-08-31: Having a pleasantly slower start to the day, after a rather taxing week.

2018-08-30: I find it amusing just how visceral a reaction I have to alarms on other people’s phones. …

2018-08-30: Just got some info about a cool project that I’m going to be helping with.

2018-08-29: I have found the free coffee.

2018-08-29: I always get a nice little sense of accomplishment when I forget to set an alarm but wake up on time …

2018-08-28: Swam for the first time in several weeks. Didn’t do a whole lot of yardage, but I feel much …

2018-08-27: For the first and probably last time, I am entirely caught up on podcasts.

2018-08-27: An interesting economics-focused look at the effects of the trade in the first millennium BCE: …

2018-08-27: First day of classes!

2018-08-26: Goal for today: remember (or re-learn) Greek grammar well enough to read some selections from the …

2018-08-25: Crazy Rich Asians is amazing! Go see it if you haven’t already!

2018-08-25: So far today I have gone for a run, powered through a lot of emails, organized my folder system for …

2018-08-25: Sunrise: beginning and in-progress

2018-08-24: I am now officially oriented.

2018-08-23: One thing I had not missed about being in school: that sinking feeling you get when you don’t …

2018-08-23: Another day, another orientation session. At least today is only five hours.

2018-08-22: It is about 7:50am, the coffee is just starting to hit me, and for some unknown reason someone put …

2018-08-21: This was possibly the most carefully I have ever driven (Picture of a mattress and box spring tied …

2018-08-21: Enjoying my last day of summer…out of the 9 total I was able to eke out…

2018-08-19: Getting set up to watch Live and Let Die with the new roommates. It’s been a little while …

2018-08-19: Clouds this morning

2018-08-16: I received a slightly frosty welcome from one of my new roommates (Image of Nyx, a small black cat …

2018-08-15: Greetings from just outside Albuquerque

2018-08-14: Reporting to you live from Kingman, AZ

2018-08-14: Guess I’m awake now.


2018-08-12: T-2 days to departure

2018-08-09: Hopefully that power nap + espresso is going to be enough to get me through the afternoon

2018-08-05: I’m gonna miss this guy when I’m in Texas

2018-08-02: Time to call utility companies

2018-07-31: That warm fuzzy feeling when you get the notification that two books that you’d forgotten …

2018-07-28: Today’s used bookstore find

2018-07-28: Sitting outside a doughnut shop, sipping coffee, and watching the world go by. It’s very …

2018-07-26: Could we all collectively agree that today is Friday and the next two days are both Saturday?

2018-07-25: Sunrise with egrets (From this morning’s run)

2018-07-23: I only just realized that all I ate for breakfast this morning was a banana and a bit of yogurt, …

2018-07-23: Really looking forward to getting these mouth stitches out tomorrow.

2018-07-22: Starting off my morning with a cup of coffee and a chunk of the Pro Caelio, because apparently …

2018-07-21: Your friendly neighborhood archaeology nerd checking in with a good link: …

2018-07-19: That sinking feeling you get when you walk into your morning class and discover that you have a quiz …

2018-07-17: I…I think I just got a voicemail from a number station?? It just said a string of numbers, repeated …

2018-07-14: Just saw Sorry To Bother You. It was.…an experience (in mostly a good way!). Just takes a very hard …

2018-07-13: Dealing with housing is stressful, especially when you’re trying to manage people in multiple …

2018-07-12: I should not have eaten those two slices of cake

2018-07-10: Strolled into class a cool 40 minutes late, but I made it

2018-07-10: Well, I have about 16 minutes until class starts, so if I want to be on time I’ll have to …

2018-07-09: Shoutout to these two dudes by me on the bus making the ride bearable by singing snippets of famous …

2018-07-06: Took a power nap and chugged a double espresso so I am VERY awake right now

2018-07-02: I’ve been awake for about two hours but I still feel half-asleep

2018-07-01: Off to see Ocean’s 8

2018-06-29: Symphony time!

2018-06-29: I see what’s going on here

2018-06-29: Posting from beneath the bay

2018-06-29: Time to start the day

2018-06-28: My impulse control is much worse when I’m tired, so I should probably stop browsing for books …

2018-06-23: I’m three weeks into learning Latin, and need to recover Ancient Greek in time for the start …

2018-06-23: Turns out Bladerunner 2049 is on HBOGo, so I know what I’m watching tonight

2018-06-22: Not even 9 and I’m already sweating. Hello summer!

2018-06-20: It’s really only now, partway through Wednesday afternoon, that I’m feeling prepared to …

2018-06-19: I guess I’ve reached the point in the day where my brain is going into standby mode

2018-06-19: Nothing is definite, but it is possible that I have figured out my housing situation for next year!

2018-06-18: Halfway though class my brain convinced itself that I had not locked my car, so I just sprinted back …

2018-06-17: 2 for 2 on crying at movies this weekend

2018-06-17: I’m definitely going to focus on improving my sleep schedule this week. Feeling better after …

2018-06-14: For the moment, this project is out of my hands, and since I cannot do anything more to affect its …

2018-06-12: “quamquam” is my new favorite conjunction

2018-06-12: My favorite thing about both the Orphan Black and Sense8 series finales is that they devote the last …

2018-06-10: Time for SF in SF! (science fiction in San Francisco)

2018-06-09: Killing Eve is somehow hilarious and deeply chilling, sometimes at the same time.

2018-06-09: Perhaps sleep

2018-06-08: My new hobby is watching people watching people watching squirrels

2018-06-08: I’m all hopped up on caffeine and stress

2018-06-06: Sitting in a coffee shop and reading archaeological theory is a normal thing to do on one’s …

2018-06-05: Today is a definite improvement on yesterday

2018-06-04: Good to see that the janitorial staff knows what’s going on

2018-06-04: Here’s hoping today gets better from here

2018-06-04: Today is the first day of a summer course that I’m taking so I made sure to leave with enough …

2018-05-31: It is rather interesting (and mildly terrifying) to be in a bar with passionate sports fans

2018-05-31: One of these days I’ll sit down and work through all of the links that I save to read …

2018-05-29: Taking myself out to ice cream (accompanied by my current book)

2018-05-27: Personal confession: I find babies and small children utterly bemusing. I find them cute from afar, …

2018-05-27: This morning I saw a squirrel (almost drove over it), an otter, a flock of six turkey, and a herd of …

2018-05-24: Solo 🎥

2018-05-23: Well, time to file Deadpool 2 under “films that simultaneously extremely violent and …

2018-05-23: Time for Deadpool 2 🎥

2018-05-22: Accidentally took the dog on a 3 mile hike this morning and found this old car in the middle of the …

2018-05-21: Landed; heading for home, tea, and sleep.

2018-05-20: Today was fun, but now I am exhausted

2018-05-19: ☕️☕️+📚

2018-05-18: That feeling when you’ve stayed up late to finish an outstanding book and it’s 1:30 in …

2018-05-17: The coffee shop I’m reading in has been playing a random shuffle of St. Vincent and it’s …

2018-05-16: I napped for about two hours this afternoon, which should be just enough to get me through an early …

2018-05-16: Hello Minnesota

2018-05-16: It is now morning

2018-05-13: In response to tonight’s Westworld episode: I really should have seen that connection sooner …

2018-05-12: Accurate

2018-05-12: I’m tired, but I don’t want to sleep… …cool

2018-05-11: It was a slow night at the store, but at least I got some turkey chili out of it

2018-05-11: Only 9:30 in the morning and I’ve already finished a book. Today is off to a good start.

2018-05-10: Making plans with friends is fun

2018-05-08: I’m caught up on Steven Universe

2018-05-08: Scored a cool poster at work today

2018-05-07: New carpet being put in tomorrow, meaning that it’s time to move everything off of my floor…so …

2018-05-06: Reading

2018-05-05: This has been a long day, so it’s time for a shower and some reading

2018-05-04: My allergies seem to be intent on completely knocking me out of commission today

2018-05-03: Sleepy puppy


2018-05-01: I have done almost nothing today and yet I am absolutely exhausted

2018-05-01: Still processing all of my Infinity Wars-related emotions

2018-04-30: Infinity War was a lot of movie

2018-04-29: I’m at that stage of fatigue where everything is just kind of…gray

2018-04-29: It’s almost time to activate social mode

2018-04-28: Why yes, I did just get to work 10 minutes early and then sit in my car listening to the end of a …

2018-04-28: Happy Independent Bookstore Day!

2018-04-27: Saw a couple turkeys on my run this morning. They are BIG

2018-04-26: For some reason, I’m in the mood to make tea…even though it’s rather warm outside and …

2018-04-26: “Be a good steward of your gifts. Protect your time. Feed your inner life. Avoid too much noise. …

2018-04-25: Gorgeous weather today!

2018-04-24: It’s a CHVRCHΞS kind of morning

2018-04-23: Worked out for the first time in a long while today…ow

2018-04-22: Today is a good day

2018-04-20: Sunny

2018-04-20: Steadily moving closer to the 1-month-remaining date for my current job

2018-04-19: Good morning!

2018-04-18: Space Opera is quite possibly the funniest novel I’ve read since Hitchhiker’s Guide 📚

2018-04-18: “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” Rumi

2018-04-17: So far Space Opera is every bit as hilarious as it’s billed to be 📚

2018-04-16: I told my current job that I’d most likely be there through the end of July, but then this …

2018-04-16: Haha sure is great to know that I still get very stressed out when making decisions. Especially when …

2018-04-16: ☕️

2018-04-15: I needed that nap

2018-04-15: Every review I read is making me look forward to starting Space Opera even more than I already am 📚

2018-04-14: Hi my name is Alex and I am SUPER EXCITED about spring

2018-04-14: A couple pictures from the end of this morning’s run

2018-04-13: Not pictured: insects chirping, birdsong, babbling brooks, my stupidly massive grin at how gorgeous …

2018-04-13: This goofball

2018-04-13: Time for a hike!

2018-04-12: This is a s l o w day

2018-04-12: I’m honestly pretty bad about making major decisions in a timely fashion. Case in point: I am still …

2018-04-12: Let the record show that Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess is a blessing and a joy upon this …

2018-04-12: Hello world!

2017-12-20: Looks like I’m trapped here for the foreseeable future

2017-06-17: Readin’

2017-06-16: Found my new car




2017-06-14: It’s pretty even when it’s raining












2017-01-11: Carleton friends: this Friday is my last ever home swim meet! Come down to West Gym at 5 to cheer us …

2016-12-17: Home

2016-11-14: I find this weirdly calming

2016-11-09: Take care of yourselves.

2016-11-08: The Hour of Power happens today! 4-5pm, West Gym. Come and cheer on the Carleton and Olaf swim teams …

2016-11-08: This is going to be a stressful day.

2016-11-03: Clouds this morning


2016-10-06: Carleton friends (especially sophomores): I will be in the Great Hall for the next two hours ready …

2016-10-04: Increasingly, all that I want is to have a cat that lives in my dorm room and is just super cuddly …

2016-09-29: Carleton friends: if there is any way for you to go see Cock tomorrow, do it.

2016-09-07: I found goats


2016-09-03: The speed limit here is 80

2016-09-03: There is a place in Nevada called Deeth Starr Valley.

2016-09-03: Cloudy

2016-09-03: Driving through the mountains

2016-09-03: Favorite part of the drive so far: the sign endorsing Trump above the sign advocating for the …

2016-08-05: Actually barking at his own shadow

2016-08-04: Pluots

2016-07-17: Apricot + gingerbread + extra bitter cocoa

2016-07-16: Paris!

2016-07-15: This is certainly an interesting time to be in Europe.

2016-07-02: Harbor view

2016-07-01: Approaching Itea

2016-06-28: This country has nice sunsets

2016-06-26: Thebes

2016-06-25: Morning

2016-06-22: I’m currently craving peanut butter. This is unfortunate.

2016-06-16: Currently 2 for 2 on sleeping through project meetings. This might be a problem.

2016-06-11: First Greek sunset of the summer

2016-05-31: Today’s confusing language item: tyrannicide can be used to refer to both the act of killing a …

2016-04-24: “Defensive imperialism” might just be my new favorite oxymoron

2016-04-16: Remember friends, hydration is healthy.

2016-04-16: That moment when you realize that the last 20 pages of your 50 page reading are references.

2016-04-14: Roman religion can be ridiculous. “The priest of Diana at Aricia, who was always a runaway …

2016-04-07: Today during lunch I stood up to get more food and the next thing I know I’m sitting down …

2016-04-01: Highlight of the day so far: accidentally joining a tour group on my way back from class and then …

2016-03-29: In other news, I now have a 2000+ page pdf for one of my classes

2016-03-27: Classes haven’t started yet and I’ve already visited first Libe.

2016-03-10: Rosemary olive oil bagels are delicious.

2016-03-09: We made (almost) all of the way through the term! Just a few more days!

2016-03-09: For the first hour and a half I was awake today I was completely convinced that it was Monday.

2016-03-07: 10th week: the time when people will nap anywhere and everywhere whenever possible

2016-03-05: Trail

2016-03-02: Shoutout to the person walking into the library at 12:45

2016-03-01: Green tea :)

2016-02-25: It’s kind of hilarious how many people have thought that I’m a senior.

2016-02-23: I just found an archaeology paper entitled “Into the Maquis” I am greatly entertained

2016-02-23: I’m going to do a study on how the inclination of people’s mattresses affect their …

2016-02-21: Things you will only hear at a classics conference: - In casual conversation: “Cicero was …

2016-02-13: I’m strongly considering titling this paper “Off to See the Wizards: Gender, Travel …

2016-02-03: Too many books

2016-02-01: The good news: Carleton has a copy of Strega Nona. The bad news: It doesn’t own a copy of Bill …

2016-01-31: When I start typing ‘google’ into my browser’s URL field, the suggested result is …

2016-01-26: Oh look, a second aorist passive with active meaning. Because that makes sense.

2016-01-24: Excited for Pericles!

2016-01-24: From the Endless Bridge

2016-01-19: Mildly adorable.

2016-01-15: I’ve already been able to pet two dogs, so this morning is looking up.

2016-01-11: Doric is confusing.

2016-01-10: I have returned safely to campus. Now it’s time to translate ~120 lines of Hippolytus.

2016-01-10: I am 95% sure that I just saw Jeff Goldblum going through security at SFO.

2016-01-07: My gift to myself on this night: going to bed before 10pm.

2015-12-18: It’s snowing (on Moodle)

2015-12-17: I’m considering caffeinating myself through this impending jet lag. This might be a bad idea.

2015-12-15: Everything is beautiful, but everything hurts.

2015-12-05: Now is the sleep time.

2015-11-26: Today I am righting a terrible wrong. I am (finally) reading Pride and Prejudice.

2015-11-24: Tonight I taught my parents that the reason for the “Every kiss begins with Kay” jingle …

2015-11-23: Landed at SFO. It’s good to be home.

2015-11-22: I drink when I’m sad, I drink when I’m happy, I drink when I’m tired, alert, in …

2015-11-22: And so it begins

2015-11-19: I think it’s finally snowing

2015-10-22: Autumn

2015-10-16: I thought watching Netflix would be an escape from thinking about classwork, but no, I have to …

2015-09-08: Sunrise this morning

2015-09-07: I want to steal this pool and bring it back to Carleton

2015-09-06: I could be happy here

2015-09-06: ❤️

2015-09-06: Tractor train!

2015-09-06: Middlebury is all right.

2015-09-02: The sky is very blue

2015-08-30: ❤️

2015-08-27: Posing as a Giants fan

2015-08-10: The good news: I remember how to swim. The bad news: now everything hurts.

2015-08-09: Home!

2015-08-04: American money looks boring and feels weird. Why are the bills all the same size?!

2015-08-04: Landed safely.

2015-08-04: The kid in front of me in line right now has his right arm in a sling and his left foot in a boot. …

2015-08-03: Garage

2015-08-01: Niccolo has seen better days

2015-07-26: Life is pretty good.

2015-07-26: Now is not really the best time for my bank to be working on updates to their “mobile banking …

2015-07-23: Waiting to board the ferry to Crete!

2015-07-22: May have just photobombed a couple’s photo by standing in the background and eating a banana …

2015-07-20: This is a pretty cool place

2015-07-19: Got back to my hotel at 2:45am. Took a taxi to the airport at 3:15am. Now it’s 4:30. My flight …

2015-07-04: Balcony view

2015-06-20: Cloud

2015-06-17: Greek sunset from Alepochori

2015-06-13: Alepochori from the dig house

2015-06-11: Bayeux Cathedral

2015-06-08: Lazy evening

2015-06-02: A very blue house

2015-06-01: We’ve reached that point in term when I start measuring my days in cups of coffee.

2015-05-29: Looking forward to a muddy Rotblatt

2015-04-20: 3D modeling of archaeological sites is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever read …

2015-04-02: The wind can stop now.

2015-03-30: Well look at that, I’m officially a CS major.

2015-03-02: “One occasion where the guard was used not only to protect the audience from the participants …

2015-02-25: This essay on bronze production on Cyprus and Sardinia in the Late Bronze Age would be going a lot …

2015-02-01: Fun with nouns

2015-01-18: “Alcibiades once punched [Hipponicus] without having any real reason…but just for fun, …

2015-01-07: In other news, I’ve been alive for 20 years (!)

2014-12-27: Picking a lock with paper clips is much more impossible than TV and movies have led me to believe.

2014-12-03: Listening to Cely watch Black Swan is hilarious. There’s been a steady stream of exclamations …

2014-10-14: Hello train.

2014-10-07: Geology: the only science where it’s always a good idea to drop acid.

2014-09-08: I feel like Room 237 is meant to illustrate the dangers of reading too much into work that …

2014-07-20: Somehow I started teaching myself regexes. Send help.

2014-06-11: Home.

2014-06-08: There are giants riding mammoths. Oh my gods yes.

2014-06-02: Go away nerd bell. This isn’t the right time.

2014-05-20: I have watched all of Avery Monsen’s Vines and now I understand the universe.

2014-05-14: It’s kind of strange to be in Weitz right now.

2014-04-20: Cloud shadows

2014-04-11: A pleasantly cool spring morning.

2014-04-08: Light

2014-04-08: I’m procrastinating on writing an essay by writing an essay.

2014-03-29: Back in Northfield. There’s still snow.

2014-03-29: Three Twins for breakfast

2014-03-16: Dogs. Sayles. Go.

2014-03-13: Brace yourself. The LDC shift cover emails are coming.

2014-03-11: The end of term is in sight. Down a long, dark, grim tunnel, but it’s there. Somewhere. …

2014-03-09: On my second cup of coffee. It’s one of those days.

2014-02-15: Minneapolis in the midst of a snowstorm.

2014-01-26: It smells like chocolate chip cookies…

2014-01-26: Coffee! #vscocam

2014-01-18: It snowed last night.

2014-01-15: Radio silence mode activated.



2014-01-03: “NOTICE: State officials urge Minnesotans to be prepared for extreme low temperatures Monday …

2013-12-25: This is my new favorite gift.

2013-12-25: More leaves #vscocam

2013-12-25: Autumn leaves

2013-12-24: French press @kayclayy07

2013-12-21: Hello Bay Area. I’m back again.

2013-11-26: Hello again, Bay Area. I’m back.

2013-11-26: I’ve realized that my brain has been trained to expect food whenever I hear the crinkling of a …

2013-11-25: And I’m done with finals. Finally.

2013-11-12: Hour of Power. 4. West Gym. Be there.

2013-10-31: Greetings people. You should go see Twelfth Night at the Weitz Theater either tomorrow, Saturday, or …

2013-10-11: It’s a Friday night, so I just spent half an hour listening to Bob Dylan and reading the …

2013-10-02: Taking a break from studying to eat an apple and listen to the thunderstorm.

2013-09-24: Slippers!

2013-09-20: Tonight was a good night.

2013-09-18: A cappella mini-concert in the stairwell. Cool.

2013-09-09: Boarding

2013-09-05: Apparently Carleton lets me declare Zoroastrianism as my religious preference.

2013-08-19: Honestly no idea what happened here

2013-08-19: Dinosaur


2013-08-13: On top of Tam to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. As one does on a summer Sunday night.

2013-08-11: Sunset

2013-07-29: Pacific Rim: the movie that featured a robot freezing a monster’s tail with coolant and then …

2013-06-13: Next up: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

2013-06-13: Well, I enjoyed the first half of Taming of the Shrew. It was funny and entertaining. Then the …

2013-06-13: Time for The Taming of the Shrew.

2013-05-23: “Caesar certainly expected to gain personal profit from Gaul…These expectations were …

2013-03-11: Django Reinhardt makes math homework surprisingly bearable.

2013-01-19: Limbo is a good game.

2012-12-29: Les Miserables is one of my favorite movies of this year. Absolutely loved it. It should win all of …

2012-12-27: Chocolate milk is becoming my life-blood and my arms and legs don’t work properly.

2012-12-25: Merry Christmas.

2012-12-23: Verdict on seeing the Hobbit in 48 fps: My god their pores are amazing.

2012-12-14: Listening to The Battle of Evermore in preparation.

2012-11-22: Happy Thanksgiving.

2012-11-21: Almost midnight and can’t really stay awake. Time for Crystal Castles.

2012-11-07: Submitted my ED app. Time to sleep in celebration.

2012-10-28: All of the status updates in my news feed are about the Giants. Apparently something happened.


2012-10-21: I just burned a book

2012-10-12: I’m really enjoying Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works.

2012-10-07: Stargazing outing

2012-09-16: I believe football is one of the few things that will cause my mom to swear.

2012-09-16: This city reminds me a lot of San Francisco

2012-08-13: Started listening to Are You Experienced.

2012-08-10: Stargazing is REALLY fun.

2012-07-28: Re-reading Preludes & Nocturnes.

2012-07-18: Camera: purchased.

2012-07-04: Happy 4th of July.

2012-06-09: Just saw Macbeth/Medea/Cinderella. An interesting work of experimental theatre, to say the least.

2012-06-06: Time to see the Very Merry Wives of Windsor, Iowa.

2012-06-02: I knew I loved Tywin for a reason.

2012-06-02: Done with SAT 2s (hopefully forever). Time to finally get around to catching up on Game of Thrones.

2012-05-17: Back to being hairless

2012-05-05: In line to see the Avengers. This is going to be fun

2012-04-14: I like Walla Walla. Going through airport security takes about 3 minutes.

2012-04-09: Chocolate goats’ milk is delicious.

2012-04-05: Snow

2012-04-03: Time to visit Bowdoin.

2012-03-31: Just passed a sign directing hazmat workers to the Sausalito exit. Hmm.


2012-03-21: “Texas has a lot of electrical votes” - Yogi Berra

2012-03-19: “It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.”

2012-03-12: Draft is finally done! Now time to find lunch…

2012-03-01: A jodhpur is apparently a short riding boot.

2012-02-26: One of my goals in life is to always have extra bookmarks.

2012-02-21: In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and …

2012-02-08: I really want to watch Pride and Prejudice right now. Not the Keira Knightley one (which was all …

2012-01-23: Iron and Wine is quite good.

2012-01-16: Be lion-mettled, proud, and take no care Who chafes, who frets, or where conspirers are: Macbeth …

2012-01-15: We can’t let Sybil have all the moral high ground, she might get lonely up there.

2012-01-09: I just kind of fell in love with Downton Abbey all over again.

2012-01-08: Will all great Neptune’s ocean was this blood Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather …

2011-12-29: How could someone confuse a roc and a dragon?

2011-12-28: This is a beautiful sunset.

2011-12-25: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

2011-12-23: Season Finale of Game of Thrones: Whoa.

2011-12-22: My first thought after finishing the sixth episode of Game of Thrones: “I don’t think …

2011-12-21: Highlights of my shopping fun with Kate Claman: 1. I finally know my PIN. 2. A random woman yelled …

2011-12-16: Winter break is rather awesome. I’ve spent almost all of today reading a book.

2011-12-09: Chekhov’s gun is one of my favorite plot devices.

2011-11-23: All four of the short biographies that I’ve found about Louis Agassiz gloss over the fact that …

2011-11-09: Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no …

2011-10-30: Thor has to get a cone of shame.

2011-10-22: I’ve missed not having hair.

2011-10-22: Now is the winter of our discontent.

2011-10-21: Today has been absolutely wonderful.

2011-10-19: One of the better tombstone puns that I’ve seen in a while: In Loving Memory of Barry Dalive.

2011-10-14: Tell No One is an amazingly great movie.

2011-10-14: German metal is aiding my last minute Chem edits.

2011-10-13: I caught the tail end of Sweet Home Alabama in the drive home from practice. It was rather epic.

2011-10-11: I like naps.

2011-09-18: I currently have 36 books on my to-read list.

2011-09-17: Listening to the Beatles and reading the history homework. Surprisingly fun.

2011-09-12: If I turn off wifi, with 86% battery charge, I apparently have over nine hours of battery life.

2011-09-08: English homework is done. Now it is time for the sleep.

2011-09-08: In theory, I could write my English paper about how writing an English paper goes against …

2011-08-22: Just finished Koyaanisqatsi. Very interesting.

2011-08-19: “If you charge hard enough at death, it will get out of your way.”

2011-07-26: Can I have a vacation please?

2011-07-24: I am exhausted, sunburnt, and sore. I declare that to be a successful swim meet.

2011-07-18: Today on XKCD: Time Vultures.

2011-07-04: I am the very model of a modern major general.

2011-06-28: It’s winter again! Oh wait…

2011-06-18: I just saw Tree of Life.

2011-06-13: Got back from a camping trip today. My eyes were bloodshot, my nose was running, I was limping, and …

2011-06-09: I am now officially addicted to the Decemberists.

2011-06-06: I just ate part of a bag of chocolate chips.

2011-06-03: In other news, I now have my driver’s license.

2011-05-30: I just saw 13 Assassins. It was amazing.

2011-05-25: So, someone just called my home phone number looking for a consulate.

2011-05-19: So, the Office was rather entertaining tonight.

2011-05-17: After watching Glee, I really want to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

2011-05-04: Rodents of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.

2011-01-12: Why would anyone name a fish Bambi?

2010-12-25: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

2010-12-18: You’re messing with my zen, man.

2010-11-21: Well, I cried when Dobby died.

2010-11-20: Just finished The Shawshank Redemption. That is one good movie.

2010-11-19: The moon looks really awesome right now.

2010-11-13: After finally finishing Battlestar Galactica, I’m left with mixed emotions. It was interesting …

2010-10-17: Driving in the rain = scary. Driving on the highway = scary. Driving on the highway in the rain = …

2010-10-10: Drove on the highway for the first time today.

2010-10-07: Fringe was pretty awesome tonight. Now they’re not just channeling Dollhouse, they’re …

2010-09-24: Oh no, no pressure. It’s just that this is the year that colleges start looking at your …

2010-09-23: My dog was just purring.

2010-09-18: I am now sort of capable of driving a stick shift.

2010-08-23: And so (almost) begins sophomore year.

2010-08-16: I hate the feeling I always get during the last week of summer.

2010-08-14: Just watched Silence of the Lambs. I won’t be sleeping tonight.

2010-08-03: Just saw Farewell at the Rafael. I highly recommend it. Reminds me why I like foreign films.

2010-08-02: Did I fall asleep?

2010-07-29: Going up to Tahoe today. This will be the first part of my summer that I will actually consider …

2010-07-25: RESL’s is now over. Improved my times in 7 out of my 8 races.

2010-07-23: And first day of RESL’s is done. Just two more…

2010-07-21: And so ends all 14 episodes of Firefly. Can’t believe it took me this long to get around to …

2010-07-18: Inception was amazing. Totally random concept that somehow worked out perfectly.

2010-07-16: About to start Firefly. This should be fun :)

2010-07-05: Toy Story 3 was everything I hoped for and more.

2010-07-04: Happy 4th everyone!

2010-06-25: Going to museums is tiring

2010-06-20: Got back from Ashland Shakespeare Festival yesterday. Saw Henry IV Part 1, She Loves Me, Pride and …

2010-06-18: Ashland, Oregon is such an awesome place

2010-06-11: it is really nice outside today.

2010-06-09: 15 days until Futurama Season 6

2010-05-31: I got out of my house once this weekend

2010-05-09: Saw Iron Man 2 last night. It. Was. Awesome.

2010-04-11: My neighbor’s tree just fell over into my backyard thanks to the rain.

2009-12-07: It is currently 32.5 degress outside

2009-11-25: enjoying a movie and the knowledge that I can sleep for the next four days

2009-11-07: Just went on a walk with Thor, walked through two piles of crunchy leaves. Best part of my day

2009-10-19: It is really pouring outside right now

2009-10-11: been up for an hour, have eaten breakfast and done nothing else. so far, a good day

2009-09-27: Saw the Hurt Locker yesterday. Amazing movie.

2009-09-12: Sleep is so nice.

2009-09-05: Aaah, weekend. How great you are.

2009-08-27: Tired

2009-08-22: Aah, I love days where I don’t have to do anything that I don’t want to do.