Well, I know what I’m going to read next.

Screenshot of text reading: “A final public case of some interest is that Against Meidias, a prosecution of a political opponent who slapped Demosthenes’ face when he was performing an official function at a festival”

This state sometimes makes no sense.

Screenshot showing temperature forecast with a high of 91 today and a high of 52 on Saturday

Morning sky

Honest Abe’s

A business named "Honest Abe's Burgers and Freedom"

Morning clouds

Made an interesting find at the store this afternoon.

Container of dark chocolate dessert hummus

I’ve added a few more stickers.

It’s research time.

Desk with several piles of books

Tonight’s drink of choice

Thinking of these three adorable ones I met last week.

Photo of Sam the cat curled up on the couchAn old golden retriever nestled at someone's feetanother old golden retriever with her head resting on my hand as I give her chin scratches

Denver sunrise.

Cake time

The benefits of highway driving.

[picture of mileage gauge showing ~331 trip miles]

Reasons why I should clean out my backpack more often, Exhibit A:

[photo of a small pine cone]

One of my roommates got a tiny dictionary. (Hand for reference)


Dark and foggy

I’m trying to figure out how I feel about this branding…

(I’d totally still try it though)

[image of “Death Wish” brand coffee]