Beet hummus!

Today’s fun purchase to ring in the gradual onset of autumn

Picture of Dogfish Head Punkin Brown Ale

Making pesto!

food processor containing pesto in progress

Ice cream and cookies because why not?


Another evening storm

Oncoming storm

Sunrise clouds

The banana bread turned out rather well! Very tasty.

We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to accompany Columbo!


Good morning

Preparing for tonight’s continuation of the ongoing Columbo rewatch

a package of Oreos with "Columb-" to make them "Columboreos"

Mini lemon cheesecakes in progress!

Morning sky

Kitchen cat

Nyx, a small black cat, sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor

Thunderstorm 😊🍵

If Action is Required by Cavin Bryce Gonzalez

Lentil tacos!

Featuring: lentils, turnip, onion, peppers, crema, and lime juice

Surprisingly, it snowed overnight!

It’s also worth noting that I was comfortably able to go for a walk in shorts yesterday afternoon.

Today is a fun day.

My birthday cake (it's carrot!)


intersection of four concrete pavers as part of a pool deck

A sharp, bright, brilliantly blue morning.

park with sharp shadows from rising sunlamp post, power line, and contrail silhouetted against a brilliantly blue sky

Making some lentil soup!