Today was stupidly pretty.

[filtered] view of dock at Despotikoview from Despotiko toward Antiparosexcavation work at sanctuary of apolloreconstruction work at sanctuary of apollo

The view from Koukounaries

Last day of fieldwork (featuring sunflowers!) #SAP2019

Penultimate day of fieldwork! #SAP2019

olive grove

Good morning. #SAP2019

cloudy sunrisemisty hillssun rising through clouds

Oh hay there #SAP2019

field of baled hay

Assorted fields from this morning. #SAP2019

field with cloudsfield with cloudsplanted melon fielddirt road

Morning survey #SAP2019

shady field

Field walking #SAP2019

farm field in the midst of being surveyed

Burgers and beer with the team


Second breakfast

SAP 2019 team takjng a mid-morning survey break

It’s a good day for some Sardinian survey.

Agricultural field

Sinis Peninsula

Dinner tonight had a gorgeous presentation (and it was also delicious!).

dinner plate with caprese salad, onions, and eggs

Life is good.

View from Burlington, VT hotel looking out across the lake

See you, Space Cowboy…

gently brightening morning sky, with a soft orange to blue gradient

Pre-test espresso.

My phone really wants me to know about this thunderstorm that I can see and hear happening.

Well, I know what I’m going to read next.

Screenshot of text reading: “A final public case of some interest is that Against Meidias, a prosecution of a political opponent who slapped Demosthenes’ face when he was performing an official function at a festival”

This state sometimes makes no sense.

Screenshot showing temperature forecast with a high of 91 today and a high of 52 on Saturday

Morning sky

Honest Abe’s

A business named "Honest Abe's Burgers and Freedom"

Morning clouds

Made an interesting find at the store this afternoon.

Container of dark chocolate dessert hummus

I’ve added a few more stickers.