Somehow I am still surprised by the power of a good nap.

I always appreciate the feeling of hitting a snag in the writing process, letting it sit for a couple days, and then coming back to find that some part of my brain has solved the problem in the interim.

Looks like I’m back to feeling like I’m drowning in literature.

I think what I’d really like to do next Saturday is just…read a book. An entire book. Wake up at a leisurely pace, start it over breakfast, and then take my time enjoying it over the rest of the day.

I’ve earned that by this point in the semester (plus it’ll be spring break).

I love that feeling of moving and reworking words, sentences and, fragments to get under an abstract word limit, getting caught up in how to rephrase something understandably but succinctly, then resurfacing to realize that it a) makes more sense now, and b) is under the limit.

I am feeling a sudden (and inconveniently-timed) urge to re-watch The Princess Bride and re-read The Tombs of Atuan

I think I’m due for a rewatch of Over the Garden Wall at some point in the next month and a half. ‘Tis the season, after all.

Few things are more relaxing and wholesome than having a cat jump into your lap, knead a bit of bread, curl up, and start purring quietly.

Very much in the process of settling back into regular rhythms after last week’s conference, meaning that my brain is still primed to be in free-associating, highly-imaginative mode.

It’s honestly a lot of fun (jotting down lots of ideas), but not so great for productivity…

It’s still impressive how good a brisk afternoon walk is for my mental wellbeing.