My paper this morning went well! Enjoyed the rest of the papers on my panel as well (there were some unexpected small interconnections).

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the rest of the conference.

CAMWS time!

Hour 12 of 12: arrival.

Hour 8 of 12: we have made temporary camp in Larned, Kansas.

Hour 3 of 11: gently rolling hills in every direction; occasional cattle

Hour 2 of 11: we drive east into the rising sun

In the document where I’m keeping track of all of my projects and papers, there’s a note attached to an entry for one of this semester’s final projects that just reads “Write the damn thing”. If you were wondering about my incredible organizational skills.

Being able to open my windows and have birdsong accompany my work is one of my favorite parts of spring.

Morning clouds

Made an interesting find at the store this afternoon.

Container of dark chocolate dessert hummus