I’m one of those weirdos who actually enjoys going over a bibliography with a fine tooth comb to triple-check for correct style. Good thing I’m getting paid for it.

Answering emails and revising a writing sample while nestled in a large bay window overlooking rainy forested hills.

I am in a happy place (although I am still exhausted from the end of the semester).

Life is good.

View from Burlington, VT hotel looking out across the lake

I’m looking forward to being in Italy for a myriad of reasons, but especially because I’ll actually be able to settle in for a little while.

Summer plans are rapidly coming together into a more definite form!

This is a proper lighting-and-thunder rainstorm.

After 11 hours on the road, all that I really want to do is shower and pass out, but I know I’ll have a better time tonight and tomorrow if I rally myself and wander out in search of dinner (and a market so that I can buy a gallon of water because the hotel water isn’t potable).

See you, Space Cowboy…

gently brightening morning sky, with a soft orange to blue gradient

Day 1 of the TX to CA road trip. Estimated driving time: 10 hours, 45 minutes.

All right, I believe I’m done packing up everything here that I’ll need in the next three months. Guess it’s time to clean everything.