Alex Claman

Flowers and eucalyptus leaves


Nuraghe Losa


Sunny fields

Distant rain

A friend



This machine gives off vaguely Hungarian vibes. Must be Bale-a Lugosi

Newly planted

Water pumps and canal


Landed at Cagliari

Slowly approaching the end of the travel days.

Caffè doppio

Landed in Rome!

All set to fly to Rome! Now if only there was more mask-wearing on this flight…

I was trying to type “flight to Rome” but my autocorrect turned that into “flight to atone.” What does it know that I don’t…

First flight complete

It took an hour and a half to check bags, but made it through security rapidly, sprinted to the gate, and made our first flight

Off to a strong start: boarding starts in 40 minutes, but still trying to check bags.

First of two travel days.

Time to vote in the primaries.

The semester is over, but I still have (paid) work to do and leave for fieldwork in a week, so it’s clearly the best time to also attempt to finish a 500-page novel with fascinating ideas by …