I had plans to finish this book chapter draft tonight, but today took more out of me than I realized so instead my roommate and I are watching food videos on YouTube.

Whole lot of weird dreams last night; I’m chalking it up to Lovecraft Country and start-of-semester anxiety.

Today we’re going for a hopefully-not-prophetic zombie double feature with Train to Busan and Blood Quantum to celebrate (?) the last Saturday before fall semester starts.

Today I sent a few emails, made a phone call, and tested a remote connection to make sure that I can work on a project from home. Had plans initially to do a lot more, but all of that was exhausting enough.

Plus I might as well enjoy the last few days of summer break.

Starting Lovecraft Country 📺

Tonight’s film: Night of the Lepus 🍿

Guess who managed to give themself shallow cuts on two different fingers in the last 25 hours

Making pesto!

food processor containing pesto in progress

I think now, after about 6 hours, I am finally mostly “awake”

Tonight’s movie: Sunset Boulevard. 🍿

Spent a peaceful little while sitting out on the front step, sipping coffee and watching a flock of birds.

Ice cream and cookies because why not?

Feeling oddly…good about my various writing projects. There’s still (a lot of) work to be done, but at the moment it seems doable.

Going to try to carry this forward for both my own stuff and for ongoing advocacy work.


The most recent episode of Welcome to Night Vale is an impressive piece of horror short fiction that serves as a superb example of the power of second person narration.

This continuing series of spam text messages attempting to sell me CBD oil gives me that nice warm fuzzy feeling that someone, somewhere cares about me enough as a potential dupe to code a program to contact me at least three times a week from multiple phone numbers.

Tonight’s film: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

I always appreciate the feeling of hitting a snag in the writing process, letting it sit for a couple days, and then coming back to find that some part of my brain has solved the problem in the interim.

Thunderstorm. Yes.

More words happened today!

Struggling mightily not to name this section of the chapter “What is form and why does it matter?”

This morning’s work: give myself an abbreviated crash course on the history of philosophical debates about form, then (hopefully intelligibly) write about form in archaeology.

I have written more words! And some of them might even be good.

This morning’s work is interesting, since I’m mostly bolting together paragraphs that I’ve already written into a new order. Hopefully it’ll still flow together.

Stayed up until 1:30 last night because I started reading and only resurfaced once I’d finished the entire second half of a book. I’d missed that feeling.

Now: coffee.