After the rain

Woke up to the sound of rain tip-tapping gently on the roof.

Managed to make it through a section of Lucretius faster than expected, so I’m taking a slightly longer dinner break and finishing season 2 of Marvel and Stitcher’s Wolverine podcast. Up next: research.

Few things are more relaxing and wholesome than having a cat jump into your lap, knead a bit of bread, curl up, and start purring quietly.

Another day, another 3 ILL requests.

I think I have enough books to be able to make a decent start on each of these research projects.

the very full shelf of my office desk, filled eith books on archaeology, time, geography, ancient Greek drama, mobility theory, and Greco-Roman myth

Within the Wires is back!

I love some of the names you can casually encounter in academic articles, like: Carl O. Sauer, Fred Kniffen, Peveril Meigs, and Warren Thornthwaite.

Finishing up a bit of reading about map digitization before heading home, brewing some tea, and diving back into Catullus.

It’s about 4pm, and I’ve gotten enough done that I’m just going to call it a day, make some herbal tea, and read for about four hours until I go to sleep.

I really know how to party.

All right. I think I’ve planned out today well enough that I’ll be done with necessary tasks by dinner, and then can spend a couple hours reading before going to sleep early.

Fingers crossed.

Today is Wednesday, not Tuesday

There is something immensely calming about watching steam curl up from a hot mug of coffee or tea.

I know it’s very early in the semester because I’m being wildly aspirational about the amount of energy I’ll be able to put into meals.

I need to remember that it’s going to take me a little while to get back up to speed.

I really enjoy this, both because it’s a good cover and because it’s a well-made video:

Finally broke down and bought the Series A 3-Pack:…

Up early to finish a (very) rough partial draft of a paper so I can actually take the next few days off and relax.

A nice view from the office

patchy cloudy mid-afternoon sky

As part of celebrating my first full day back in the States, I’m about to walk to my local library to get fun reading material for my last couple weeks of summer.

Somehow my two months of fieldwork are already over. It’s been wonderful. Will post some more pictures/links soon!

See you on the other side (of the Atlantic).


Another day, another few intriguing email newletters to which to subscribe.

Taking the day to rest and prepare for another week of fieldwork.

Catching up on some reading: Mother Ocean and the Global Middle Ages

Crying to myself over this story as I take a blessedly quiet Sunday night alone.