Today was stupidly pretty.

[filtered] view of dock at Despotikoview from Despotiko toward Antiparosexcavation work at sanctuary of apolloreconstruction work at sanctuary of apollo

Posting with my phone inside a plastic bag. Island survey!

The view from Koukounaries

I am becoming an even stronger believer in the restorative power of an interrupted two-hour nap.

National Park Typeface, “A typeface designed to mimic the national park service signs that are carved using a router bit.”

Something to read this morning: Lanny Boykin Rises Up Singing - Reckoning

Today was one of those delightful (but rare) mornings where I was able to sleep in, roll out of bed, read for a while, and then wander out for a coffee.

Need to do some work this afternoon, but for now I can take things a bit easier.

I now have coffee, and soon there will be food.

Last day of fieldwork (featuring sunflowers!) #SAP2019

Penultimate day of fieldwork! #SAP2019

olive grove