Today’s mantra has been “keep calm and just keep sending emails”

Just realized that there are a couple important funding application deadlines coming up at the end of this week, so I guess it’s time to pull those together ASAP.

well, studying for tomorrow’s midterm is actually going pretty well – however it goes I’ll done by 11am, and then I can take a break for a couple hours before starting to study for Wednesday’s midterm

How many days until spring break?

The benefits of highway driving.

[picture of mileage gauge showing ~331 trip miles]

Oh goody. According to the weather forecast it is “dangerously windy” at the moment.

Guess I’ll postpone my run…

My paper went well! Now I just get to enjoy the rest of the conference.

Getting ready to drive to Albuquerque for a conference!

Turns out that my roommate’s cat is an excellent practice audience for my conference paper.

The only thing making Cicero bearable this morning is the napping cat curled up in my lap.

My Latin commentary just glossed a word as “clodhopper”, so I heard it in Peridot’s voice and now I can’t stop laughing