I have seen Endgame. It was a lot of movie.

Happy to discuss if anyone’s interested (spoilers or non-spoilers).

It is time for cookies and ice cream.

Interesting food for thought here: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/06/who-is-shakespeare-emilia-bassano/588076/

Pre-test espresso.

So I haven’t started reviewing the First Philippic for today’s Greek final, but I have discovered an intriguing new journal, emailed an article from that journal to a prof, caught up on some conference news, and emailed another prof about including podcasts in a fall syllabus.

3 classes done, 1 to go. I’m currently working through half of the material for tomorrow’s final before jumping back to the research project I have to finish by next week.

My phone really wants me to know about this thunderstorm that I can see and hear happening.

I definitely need to go for a run this afternoon.

Listening to some distant rolling thunder while revising a seminar paper.

Things are all right.

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