Finished one of my finals and with it one of my classes!

Celebrating with ice cream and a book.

Looking forward to a week from now when I’ll be done with finals and can actually take a few days entirely off of work before hitting the ground running on thesis writing.

Some good food for thought here: What We Think About When We’re Swimming

The banana bread turned out rather well! Very tasty.

Time for the season finale of Westworld!

Shoutout to this episode of Columbo for guest starring Johnny Cash.

There is singing, and it is good.

I have done it! There are now words in a document that will eventually – with many additions and much editing – become one of my final papers.

My general end-of-semester fatigue and lack of motivation are crashing headlong into pandemic-related stress and anxiety, so finals are going to be a time.

And now it’s time for Clue!

Watching Dracula Untold.

This movie is gloriously ridiculous.

A Journal of the Plague Year

This is just one of those days where dealing with emails took most of my energy.

We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to accompany Columbo!


…guess I’m sleeping in this morning

Watching the Leonard Nimoy episode of Columbo.

Today is one of those mornings where I feel like I have fragments of about 5 different stories whirring around my brain, but they always hover just out of reach.

Today is one of those days where it’s taken me five hours to do one load of laundry because I keep forgetting about it.

Tonight’s film is All the President’s Men

It’s snowing!

And tomorrow it’ll be back in the 70s.

Setting aside some time tomorrow to plug into a podcast and lie on my back staring at the ceiling.

Good morning

Preparing for tonight’s continuation of the ongoing Columbo rewatch

a package of Oreos with "Columb-" to make them "Columboreos"

Mini lemon cheesecakes in progress!

Watching Mask of Zorro!