Alex Claman

Brain tired.


It is definitely worth $40 not to have to get your eyes dilated.

I like when I look back through a draft and see helpful comments that past me left for then-future Alex.

Tired, angry, and stressed. Oh right and I guess it’s also somehow still finals week.

This paper is going to wind up being a lot more stream of consciousness than I’d anticipated…

Time to watch a documentary about Automats. 🍿

I’ve turned in one of my final papers, so now I’m spending some time printing out exam sheets for next week.

I’m somehow missing 15 minutes of time from this morning.

Today has mostly felt like moving through molasses, but also it’s somehow about halfway over already.

The power of a nap followed by an espresso cannot be understated.

After the rain.

Storm day.

A few good plant photos from a quick trip to the botanical gardens yesterday

Cacophonous birdsong this morning.

I always appreciate it when I can find a bigger topic I’m interested in and then can read my way into a paper topic.

Today feels like a Sunday.

Always excellent when the time change messes up my scheduling sense such that I think that my parents are arriving for their visit a day later than they actually are.

Today is one of those days where I unexpectedly slept in for an extra hour but have no memory of my alarm going off.

Made it to spring break.

Powering through emails this morning while listening to Maggie Rogers before launching into some Latin review.

Always a good time when the librarian does a double take at how many books I have on hold.

Nap time

Slow start to the day, but moving along.

Tea and research time.