Today is one of those super windy days where it’s constantly frustrating that my hair isn’t…quite…long enough…to tie it all back from blowing in my face.

Reasons why I should clean out my backpack more often, Exhibit A:

[photo of a small pine cone]

For some reason, I find it very gratifying when I’m working on emails later at night, send a few to profs, and get responses within 20-30 minutes.

Currently engaging in that time-honored tradition of putting off working on a paper by instead working through all of the emails that I have to send.

This is important: National Sword - 99% Invisible

Today is one of those days where I’m just going to be moving slowly. But the important thing is that I’m moving.

It’s still impressive how good a brisk afternoon walk is for my mental wellbeing.

As it turns out, working on something for at least a little while every day means that you improve (incrementally, but improvement is improvement) on a daily basis.

One of my roommates got a tiny dictionary. (Hand for reference)


This theoretical paper I’m reading just referenced Slim Shady.