Made an interesting find at the store this afternoon.

Container of dark chocolate dessert hummus

I’m slightly proud of myself that as I’m (rather belatedly) going through a few different “best SFF short stories of 2018” collections, I’ve actually read most of them already.

One more for the moment: First and Final Frames

Going back through some old links on a blustery morning; found this short and sweet one: Wanderers

Evidently today is the day that my usual pre-conference nerves kick in full-force, throwing me subtly off kilter and making me vaguely uneasy about everything.

Probably going to see if I can walk my way through/out of some of the anxiety this afternoon.

I’ve added a few more stickers.

It’s research time.

Desk with several piles of books

I’m managing to stay on top of all of my various projects at the moment, but I’m really looking forward to when everything is done and I can just take an entire day off to read a book somewhere. Schedule permitting, that should be to happen sometime in…May?

Sleep time.

Good night!

Spring has sprung.