@AndyNicolaides Beautiful!

@hollyhoneychurch oh wow. Stunning.

@alpenglow appreciate it!

@alpenglow MA thesis deadline

@numericcitizen neat!

@hollyhoneychurch sounds delightful!

@dejus delightful

@yorrike glad to hear that this is still happening

@yorrike in my opinion, yes! I have…concerns, shall we say, about the larger arc of the narrative, since I don't want to see the characters in conflict, but that's also part of why it's so good.

Fortunately, most of my fears did not come to pass in episode 2. So there’s hope yet.

@brentsimmons sobering, and important to keep in mind

@bitdepth I love the microtopography

@danielpunkass I will be shocked if my university continues to have in-person classes after spring break

@JohnPhilpin indeed!

@dejus is that moonrise?

@Ron glad to hear you’re on the mend

@JohnPhilpin like @Miraz said, the simple chromosomal angle is just that — a simplified version of a more complex situation.

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@bbebop hello!

@tones beautiful!

@macgenie do you have any particular favorite recipes?

@dejus looks tasty!

@Miraz stunning

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