@benwerd absolutely loved it, particularly the changes they made adapting it from the book

@jack this looks quite interesting!

@kimberlyhirsh this sounds excellent!

@Miraz outstanding!

@Miraz he keeps chewing his back leg to the point that he worries away all of the fur, so it’s for his own good

@skoobz when you need the coffee so much that you can’t make the coffee

@chrisaldrich I think Brett Terpstra has been (still is?) maintaining such a list

@hollyhoneychurch happy birthday!

@Miraz stunning

@jean happy birthday!

@kitt the most stressful part is done! And now to conclude with the tedious part…

@jean thanks!

@Miraz indeed, feels good to have that step completed!

@agilelisa thank you!

@eli this is such a great piece.

@dancohen oooooo nice! Time to update my (mental) talking points.

@kitt yeah! Turned around my entire morning

@muncman wow!

@sku_b That’s a good sprawl

@gpittman haha I hear you there! For all of its, ah, issues, academia has managed to be one of things keeping me going through all of this weirdness.

@Burk toponyms from the area where I first did fieldwork, so my main machine Eleutherai and my backup is Oinoe

@kimberlyhirsh also slogging through my first major round of thesis revisions so that's...something.

@kimberlyhirsh big mood! I’m doing my best to ignore all of my university's best efforts to get me to sign up for productivity workshops and to actively build in at least two 30ish minutes breaks …

@kimberlyhirsh I feel this deeply, constantly.

@frederico I’m seeing the same thing; guessing it’s due to reworking of permissions and access in iOS 14