@KimberlyHirsh adorable!

@Burk cool!

@jacob gorgeous!

@Miraz looks like she’s recovering well!

@JohnPhilpin a fascinating choice

@skoobz sounds like an excellent start to the day!

@skoobz friends!

@timswan welcome!

@benwerd absolutely loved it, particularly the changes they made adapting it from the book

@jack this looks quite interesting!

@kimberlyhirsh this sounds excellent!

@Miraz outstanding!

@Miraz he keeps chewing his back leg to the point that he worries away all of the fur, so it’s for his own good

@skoobz when you need the coffee so much that you can’t make the coffee

@chrisaldrich I think Brett Terpstra has been (still is?) maintaining such a list

@hollyhoneychurch happy birthday!

@Miraz stunning

@jean happy birthday!

@kitt the most stressful part is done! And now to conclude with the tedious part…

@jean thanks!

@Miraz indeed, feels good to have that step completed!

@agilelisa thank you!

@eli this is such a great piece.

@dancohen oooooo nice! Time to update my (mental) talking points.

@kitt yeah! Turned around my entire morning