@kaneru hello!

@bbebop hello!

@tones beautiful!

@macgenie do you have any particular favorite recipes?

@dejus looks tasty!

@Miraz stunning

@cygnoir glad to hear it!

@jack thanks for the mini-review

@vasta thank for sharing the link! I think I’ve found a new way to start the morning

@bitdepth loving that interior decoration

@macgenie Nearly Free Speech is also a good possibility. Another relatively simple, pay-what-you-use option

@smokey Unfortunately, numismatics isn’t my specialty, but I definitely agree with the identification of the Constantinople coin, and your reading of “REIPUBLICAE”

Might take a look around later today if I have time. Thanks for the ping!

@hollyhoneychurch that looks delicious!

@cygnoir snuggly kitty!

@bix which other two have you read?

@andynicolaides beautiful!

@pratik gorgeous

@tiffany I schedule it into my day. Every day. I'll read for at least 15 minutes over breakfast and for at least 5 minutes before sleeping. Not much in one day, but it adds up over time!

@pratik technology!

@Mikehendley very cool!

@vasta thank you!

@vasta would you be willing/able to send me the syllabus from the MA course you teach? I'm working on a paper that I think would benefit from some of that scholarship.

@hollyhoneychurch I’ll be dreaming about carrot cake tonight. Looks delicious!

@jmreekes Gorgeous!

@patrickrhone this has been, implicitly, my approach to scheduling/planning for a while now, but I’ve never really written it out before. Thank you.