@patrickrhone this has been, implicitly, my approach to scheduling/planning for a while now, but I’ve never really written it out before. Thank you.

@petebrown this is, unfortunately, unsurprising

@yorrike huh. It seems like generally stories are content to just hand wave away FTL explanations(and I’m generally also okay with it because of technobabble). That being said, I always appreciate a good instance of an Alcubierre Drive

@pip I love that pattern

@restlesslens looking forward to reading this. Thanks for sharing!

@eli I love the ear shadow

@Cheri oh that looks wonderful

@crossingthethreshold it’s proving frustratingly to me as well

@hollyhoneychurch scrumptious!

@Miraz wow!

@Annie congratulations!

@Miraz stunning

@jack now if I just had more time to watch these…

@kerim this is heartening

@jack I can easily see myself losing hours mucking around with this…

@dgold I appreciate this rewrite immensely

@pip I love this shot’s framing

@Miraz what do you think so far? I'm always down to watch Sackhoff, but I'm wary of the way the trailer framed the show...

@restlesslens I like to think it would be a more thoughtful, slower-moving place

@vasta I love these so much

@eli if this comes to fruition (no pressure!) I'm definitely interested

@yorrike probably a good call

@bitdepth that sounds wonderful

@smokey yep. The current thinking on the ethics of reconstruction/retouching is (rightly) that all recreated elements should be easily visually distinguishable from the originals, and reversible. This site was actually rather cool in that respect; all of the new created pieces were precisely machined so that the original bits would just socket in

@smokey they're "reconstructing" something based on about 10% surviving material that was uncovered/cleaned during excavation -- hence the quotes, because they're essentially creating something completely new